Creating Legacies


Endowed funds and scholarships are a great way to create a legacy at Mercer. The Department of Athletics has a long-standing tradition of excellence and endowing a fund or scholarship is a way to share in that heritage. Endowments will impact the Department of Athletics for generations to come.

Endowed Funds

The Mercer Athletic Endowment: James B. Jeter (Engineering 1993) established this fund to supplement the annual operating budget of the Athletic Department. Expenditures from this fund shall be used at the discretion of the Athletic Department. This fund serves as the overarching endowment for the Athletic Department.

Mercer Women's Athletic Endowment: This fund will support Mercer's 10 women's varsity athletics programs by enhancing the quality of training and competition for female student-athletes, as well as enhancing professional development opportunities for female coaches.

Bobby A. Pope Endowed Fund for Athletics: This fund, established by M. Diane Owens (CLA 1977/Law 1980) was named in honor of Bobby A. Pope, long time Mercer University Director of Athletics. This fund supplements the baseball program at the head coach’s discretion.

The Doyle E. Watson Endowed Fund for Athletics: The fund, established by K. Glynn Watson (CLA 1959/Law 1963) in honor of his father (Doyle E. Watson), is used to supplement the budget of the Athletic Department and augment athletic programs at the University.

Julius C. Johnson, Jr. Memorial Fund in Track & Field and Cross Country: Created by Lee A. Johnson in her father’s memory (Julius C. Johnson, Jr. CLA 1950), this fund assists and enhances the track and cross country programs. Expenditures are determined by the team coaches and approved by the Director of Athletics.

Bert and Anne Vaughn Champions Fund: Jesse L. Vaughn (CLA 1995/Law 1998) and Jeffrey E. Clements (Law 1999) endowed this fund to support student-athletes and coaches with championship or leadership activities. Expenditures from the fund shall include covering student travel and lodging for championship games or tournaments, purchasing championship rings, or providing leadership training for student-athletes or staff.

The 24 Fund: The 24 Fund supports men’s lacrosse operational needs and is named in honor of John Michael Night, a Mercer Lacrosse recruit who wore number 24 in high school before suffering a career-ending stroke. John Michael has had an immense impact on the lacrosse program and serves as a source of inspiration for the players and coaches.

The 1892 Fund: Established by Dr. Gary L. Abbott, Sr. (CLA 1969), Mrs. Billie Abbott (CLA 1969), Mr. G. Louis Abbott, Jr. (CLA 1999) and Mrs. Jana Abercrombie-Abbott, the 1892 Fund was was named in commemoration of “the first intercollegiate football game in the Deep South” between Mercer University and the University of Georgia. This fund enhances the football team’s operating budget and expenditures from the fund are determined by the head football coach and Athletic Director.

Men’s Golf Legacy Endowment: Ryan G. Blackburn (BUS 2009, 2011) established this fund to assist and enhance the men’s golf program. Blackburn both played and coached men’s golf at Mercer. He has become a leader amongst alumni in his peer group and a visible face at Mercer events. Expenditures from this fund are determined by the head men’s golf coach and approved by the Director of Athletics.

Building Champions Men’s Basketball Endowment: This fund, endowed by Brian Pfohl (BUS 2008) was named in honor of the rich tradition and history of the Mercer Men’s Basketball program. Pfohl is a former member of the men’s basketball team and helped lead the Bears to victories over several Power 5 opponents. This fund enhances the operating budget for the men’s basketball program and expenditures are determined by the head coach.

The Tennis Excellence Endowed Fund: This fund was established by Robert J. Wilder (CLA 1980, Law 1986) to support and enhance the women's and men's tennis programs. It is intended as a tribute to the female and male athletes who played on the tennis teams over the years. It also honors the many coaches, assistants and volunteers whose dedication and guidance made a competitive tennis program possible. Expenditures from the fund, directed in equal amounts to the men's and women's teams, will be determined by the team coach or coaches and approved by the Director of Athletics.

Endowed Scholarships

Marguerite Vanderhoef Athletic Scholarship Fund: Judge Jerry M. Vanderhoef (CLA 1959/Law 1962) established this fund in his mother’s memory. The fund provides scholarships to varsity student-athletes.

Rush and Judy Peace Graduate Scholarship: Dr. Rush Peace and Mrs. Judy Peace (CLA 1966) established this fund to be used to provide scholarships for student-athletes who, after graduating, enroll in graduate or professional school in the Walter F. George School of Law or the Mercer University School of Medicine.

William Brady Fallin Memorial Scholarship: William G. Fallin (CLA 1952) and Barbara V. Fallin (CLA 1958) created this fund in memory of their son, William Brady Fallin, a 1990 CLA graduate who majored in political science and played baseball for Mercer. The fund provides a scholarship for a member of Mercer's baseball program.

The Barry Myers Expendable Baseball Scholarship: Established by Emily P. Myers and Robb Myers (CLA 1995), this fund shall be used for a scholarship for a student-athlete on the baseball team. This scholarship is named in honor of legendary Mercer baseball coach Barry Myers.

Lamar Rich Plunkett Athletic Scholarship Fund: Lamar Rich Plunkett (CLA 1931) of Bowdon, Georgia, established this fund to be used for scholarships for male student-athletes enrolled at Mercer University.

Charles H. and Arlene Webb Keaton Endowed Scholarship for Football: Charles H. Keaton (CLA 1960) and Arlene Webb Keaton (CLA 1959) established this fund to provide scholarships to student-athletes who are members of the football team.

James Malcolm Cole, Jr. Baseball Scholarship: Established by Ruth P. Cole and James Malcolm Cole, III (BUS 1993/MBA 1999), this fund shall be used for a scholarship for a student-athlete on the baseball team.

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